Final Week

Posted Wednesday April 17, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Hello CRC Members!

Are you ready for a great concert?! Let’s knock this out of the park! If everyone does their part making sure to review ALL pieces, consistently throughout the week, we will be in very good shape. We are doing very well with many of the difficult pieces, largely in part due to better retention this season…people are committing more to memory/writing things down, and practicing. Don’t lose the momentum this week.

Some reminders below.

All the best,

1) Everything this week is at Medfield HS Auditorium. Auditorium is marked outside of building, so park in the lot closest to that.

2) Tuesday:
* ON THE RISERS at 7:30. Not parking/walking in. ON. 👏 THE. 👏 RISERS. 👏
* Your music should be secured in your black binder.
* Stay in your assigned spots (back row = top riser)
* Be prepared to run through ANY and ALL pieces.
* Wear comfortable shoes…you will be standing for the 2 hours with a short break.

3) Thursday (Dress Rehearsal)
* ON THE RISERS at 7:30.
* Don’t forget your copy of Look at the World; we are rehearsing that with the children right away that evening.
* We will be going in order through the program.
* Be prepared that we may go a bit over that evening.

4) Saturday (Concert)
* Solid black long dress/long skirt/dress pants/shoes [men in tuxes]
* ON THE RISERS at 6:00
* Rehearsal from 6:00 – 7:00
* IN PLACES in chorus room at 7:25
* 2nd half – feel free to watch children from audience
* IN PLACES in chorus room immediately following children’s choir, during raffles