Plans for 10/29 and other Important Info

Posted Thursday October 24, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Good Morning-

Please see below for the following:
1) Parts for Frozen 1st 1/2. Get VERY comfortable with your part – we don’t have time to rehearse individual parts at this point.
2) If you were chosen for White Winter Hymnal:
– Please email me back confirming your voice part so we can use that in the program.
– Alto’s – below is a more correct version of your part
– Your entire part must be learned for our 11/5 rehearsal. You will be meeting at 7:00 that 11/5 rehearsal to practice in JUST your parts; use different rooms/areas of the church to do so.
– Full rehearsal with me will be on 11/19 at 7:00.

Soprano 1:

Soprano 2:



Bass: Nothing available that I found, sorry! Your part is the easiest of the 4, however.

White Winter Hymnal Alto Part:

Plans for 10/29

7:30 Warm-Up

7:45 Shine the Light
Section C

8:00 Frozen
1st 1/2

8:15 Behold that Light

8:25 Rudolph
-rhythms 25-41

8:30 Break

8:45 Sectionals
Silver Bells
-m 25-41

9:10 Run Greensleeves

9:20 Run Shine the Light