Plans for 1/22

Posted Friday January 18, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Good Afternoon-

So lovely to see all of you this week! Below are this week’s plans, as well as what we did last week in case you missed us! Just a heads-up that Daffodils will be due learned by 2/5 and Hallelujah by 3/5. Greg’s previous email to you included links to those practice tracks, as well as links to all of the pieces.

New members are welcome through the 4th rehearsal, so do some recruiting! 🙂

Have a great weekend and stay cozy!


1st Rehearsal:
Ain’t Gonna Let – though top of p. 5
I Will Arise and Go – listened to recording
Stars I Shall Find – to p. 3
Sound of Silence – run through

Plans for 1/22

7:30 Warm Up

7:45 Ain’t Gonna through m. 26, p. 10

8:00 I Will Arise and Go p. 13-17

8:20 Daffodils recording; due learned 2/5
It Was a Lover recording

8:30 BREAK

8:40 Sectionals
It Was a Lover – through p. 3
O Captain (Men) p. 5-7
Heart (Women) through top of p. 4
Daffodils – run though

9:20 Sound of Silence through top of p. 5