Plans and Solos

Posted Friday April 05, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Good Morning-

Below next week’s plans, please see solo assignments. It came to my
attention that the YouTube link for the Beatles medley is the wrong one.
Please use this one as your reference:

Don’t forget to be reviewing all of your music!

Thank you,

Plans for 4/9

7:45 Warm Up
8:00 Sectionals
Review: Arise and Go
Lover and His Lass
8:45 Break
9:00 Beatles p. 14-15, p. 25-34
9:15 Run/Clean
Sound of Silence

Soloists: Be prepared to sing your part starting this coming rehearsal.

Daffodils: Fran
Arise and Go: Madeleine
Hallelujah: 1st solo: Siobhan, 2nd solo: Joanna
O Captain: Ever
Imagine: Robert G.
Strawberry Fields: Karen
Yesterday: Andy
Mr. Tambourine Man – Ray (be ready by Thursday dress rehearsal)
Yellow Taxi – Jenny (be ready by Tuesday of concert week; will run with Sue)