Plans 3/19

Posted Thursday March 14, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Hello CRC Members!

At this point you need to be putting in an hour or so a week on your own time reviewing ALL of the repertoire, not just what is on the docket for the current week. Remember reviewing music can be as simple as going through text, page turns, and transitions. Also, a reminder to WRITE DOWN instructions I give you. There was no good reason so many people were confused on where they should be singing in Stars during the 3-part split. Thank you for taking initiative to improve your personal growth in the music, as it will pay off in the group as a whole. 🙂


7:30 Warm Up
7:45 Lover and His Lass – all (make sure you know the page turns/transitions)
8:05 Arise and Go – all
8:30 Beatles beginning through p.7
8:50 break
9:05 Daffodils – all
9:20 Hallelujah

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