A Note from Ashley

Posted Friday January 25, 2019 by Ashley Nelson-Oneschuk

Good Morning!

I just want to touch base on a few topics.

1) PLEASE arrive on time to rehearsal. I know sign-in takes longer the
first few rehearsals, but plan to get there early so we can start right at
7:30. We will have lost 1/2 of an entire evening by the end of the season
if we keep starting late.

2) Please let me know if you might be interested in section leader for the

3) I am still looking for volunteers to speak to some of the poetry of our
pieces, so if you are up for that, please let me know if you haven’t done
so already 🙂

4) As was mentioned last rehearsal, the sign-up’s for the Jasper Hill night
will be available next week. If you need Sue to play for you, have your
sheet music next week, as well. If you would like to run your piece
quickly with Sue, I will be allotting 30-min. at the end of rehearsal on
2/5 to work with her. We will still be rehearsing during that and singers
need to take no more than just a couple minutes each. This is NOT a
coaching/lesson for you, just an opportunity to go over tempo or anything
else Sue needs to know.

5) Finally our plans for 1/29

7:30 Warm-Up & New Spots
7:45 Stars I Shall Find p. 2&3, p. 6&7
8:05 Sectionals
Captain p. 5-7, p. 8&9
Heart p. 1-4, p. 7&8
Lover and His Lass p. 1-3, bottom p. 6&7
8:45 Break
9:00 I Will Arise and Go p.13-end
9:20 Silence through m.33

All the best,